Five Reasons to Exercise in the Cold Weather

We all know that when the weather turns and things get a bit cooler it makes us feel a bit sluggish, but here at Evolve Fit we’ve got some reasons for you to push through the gloomy weather even if you aren’t feeling it!

Improve Your Mood

We get less sunlight in the colder months and this can contribute to a low mood, but exercise increases your endorphin levels and certainly perks you up a bit! Plus exercise is a great stress reliever.


Increase Energy Levels

As well as an improved mood a good exercise regime actually increases your energy levels, and can keep the sluggish feeling at bay, if you want to avoid hibernation mode and get things done, get plenty of exercise!

Higher Metabolic Rate

Something else we love about the colder weather is that your metabolic rate increases slightly, as your body tries to keep warm you naturally burn more calories, so use that to your advantage and reach your goals a bit easier, it will also keep you nice and warm!

Boosts Immune System

It’s scientifically proven that exercise boosts your immune system and we all know that the colder weather brings all sorts of coughs and colds with it, so if you want to keep the doctor at bay exercise and eat plenty of wholesome foods high in vitamin C.


Keep on Track

During the Autumn/ Winter period there are plenty of extra foods thrown our way, at Halloween and the run up to (during and after!) Christmas there are always high fat and high sugar foods, alcohol and other treats everywhere, and whilst we don’t advocate starving yourself and missing out on the festivities, keeping up a good exercise regime throughout the period might just keep you on track for your own goals. Then when the weather warms up again you haven’t missed a beat!


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